tn_ten_forward_glassTen Forward – the bar/lounge area on the Enterprise-D – sure is a real fountain of diversity when it comes to glass vessels and beverage containers. One of the more recognizable ones started out as a candle holder and quickly got turned into a drinking glass by the set decorators of TNG. It even got exclusive close-up screen time when Guinan used it in “Time’s Arrow” to mix a very special drink which required careful handling of ingedients. Other than that, it was randomly used whenever a glass was needed in the background of a Ten Forward scene.

I was fortunate for me that I was able to get one of these a while ago.

Here’s a screenshot of the scene where Guinan uses the glass to mix a drink:


And here’s mine:


The unusual shape makes it hard to empty the glass I would imagine.


Like many other Star Trek glasses, this one was a candle holder in a former life.

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