Chateau Picard


To absent friends… To family.

These are the words that Jean-Luc Picard spoke in the end of “Star Trek: Nemesis” after Data had sacrificed himself to rescue the Captain from the exploding Romulan vessel Scimitar. And it was that occasion, that brought all of Datas shipmates, friends and – in a sense – family together to honor him and taste Chateau Picard, the wine that Picard’s Brother [More…]

Comm Badges

commbades_tnThey’re small but powerful – Starfleet Comm badges. They not only decorate uniforms and show that the owner is an officer with the respective training, but they are also full of high-tech.

Once activated, these small devices enable the user to communicate with any other crew memeber who is also equipped with a smiliar badge. While the activation is done by a simple tap, everything else works through a highly sophisticated [More…]

Isolinear Optical Chips (NEM)

tn_isochips_nemThere are props of which I just can’t get enough. One of them are isochips, which are present in the Star Trek universe in many different shapes and colors.

Because of this, I simply had to bid when I saw these chips from the tenth Star Trek movie “Nemesis” on eBay. They are made of shiny blue plexi and feature beautifully laser etched isolinear patterns. These patterns are silver on one and [More…]

Shinzon’s Dagger

tn_shinzons_daggerThis very nice piece was a real bargain. Before I really got into prop replicas I found this knife on eBay. Someone sold it there as a “Reman Steak knife” because eBay policies forbid to sell weapons. I suspect that it was this puzzling name that prevented people from seeing this as what it really way: Shinzon’s Dagger from “Star Trek – Nemesis“. [More…]

PADD Stylus

tn_padd_stylusThis is one prop I got entirely by accident. While watching “Nemesis” once, I noticed that Picard was using a kind of input device to enter data on a PADD.

A closer look revealed that this prop was nothing more than a pen-shaped butane torch with some golden vinyl tape added to the handle. When I realized that, I remembered that I had something similar in my workshop lying around [More…]