tn_isochips_nemThere are props of which I just can’t get enough. One of them are isochips, which are present in the Star Trek universe in many different shapes and colors.

Because of this, I simply had to bid when I saw these chips from the tenth Star Trek movie “Nemesis” on eBay. They are made of shiny blue plexi and feature beautifully laser etched isolinear patterns. These patterns are silver on one and golden on the other side which results in a really nice metallic effect. Besides, their edges are even sharper than those on my TNG isochips!

As far as I know these chips were made by Paramount’s prop department and are identical to the original props in every aspect (material, way of construction). Probably they are even better in quality!

Here’s a picture from the “Nemesis” Special Edition DVD. On the bottom, you can see some of the isochips that were used in the film. The smaller one of my replicas is identical with the blue one on this pile.


(By the way: Besides the isochips, there are also two PADD-Stylii in this picture, which were made out of butane pen torches.)

These chips were not only used in “Nemesis“, but also in “First Contact” and “Insurrection“.

Here are the pictures of my replicas:


Silver on one side, …


… and golden on the other.


The contours of the isolinear pattern are amazingly crisp!




My ODN Scanner cannot detect any malfunction … :)

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