In Print: Featured In UK Magazine!

A few weeks ago, Paula Hammond – a UK-based freelance writer – approached me via eMail telling me that she was putting together an article for the British monthly magazine Stamp & Coin Mart. For the February issue, she would be looking at movies and TV shows which feature coin/money motifs and wanted to mention my Gold Pressed Latinum replicas. Thrilled about the prospect of being published in a print magazine, I sent her some images and press material for her to choose from. [More…]

No More Twitter Roundup Blog Posts

After giving it some thought I decided to make a small change to the blog and abandon the idea of having weekly Twitter roundup posts on the blog.

Why? Well, the matter of the fact is that they are simply unnecessary. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, so what sense does it make to repeat the information that is already there as a post in a “bigger” blogging system and make it available in two places? None as far as I can see. On top of that, all of my recent tweets are listed in the sidebar on the right as well, so the information is not only doubled, but tripled!

The other thing is that these Twitter roundup posts are keeping people from seeing the “meat” of the blog by taking up too much space on the homepage. I’ve noticed that it quite often happens that I’m twittering small updates which don’t warrant a full blown blog post, which is absolutely what Twitter is for. However, if I do this for a few weeks without publishing a “big” blog post, all these roundup posts can add up and obstruct the view of the “real” contents of the blog. That’s also why I have removed all of the existing roundup posts, so that all the recent blog entries are better visible from the homepage.

So, if you want to continue to catch my Twitter updates, the simplest way to do so is to follow me (@trekprops). In addition to that, have a look at the sidebar where you will see not only my status updates, but also my Twitpic pictures. A simple click on “More updates…” will take you directly to Twitter and to my complete timeline.

What do you think about this change in the blog structure? Do you feel it’s for the best or would you rather keep those roundup posts? Let me know in the comments.

Found: Voyager Desktop Viewer Base Identified!

tn_apc_power_managerIdentifying found items which the prop makers used to build the props for the show is always a challenge. But with the help of some fine folks in the prop community as well as a few very helpful pointers from people in the prop industry, the base item used for the construction of the Desktop Computer on “Star Trek: Voyager” has been identified! [More…]

Relaunch: Goes Blog!

tn_blogIt’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything on this site. The reason for that is that I’ve obviously not been able to do any actual prop building for quite some time. However, even during this period of inactivity, I didn’t abandon the hobby entirely. I’ve been watching episodes, capturing screenshots, participating in forum discussions, buying stuff and so on. However, there was no update to this place. [More…]

The new

news_redesignAs of today, is available in english! I’ve translated all of the articles and tutorials to make the information provided here available to international audiences as well. New material from now on will be added in english only.

Together with a visual redesign, is now not only international but also looks a lot better than before and features a new, recognizable and very “Trek-like” logo.

Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

news_trek40In 1966 Star Trek-creator Gene Roddenberry conceived a truly exceptional TV show. So exceptional in fact, that fans around the world are still fascinated by it, even after 40 years! What will be the future of the franchise? In what direction will Star Trek (have to) evolve over time? Or is there even a future for the series as we know it? These are all very good questions, to which I can’t give you an answer right now. All I know is: time will tell. Besides, there are more than enough texts on the web analyzing this phenomenon, so let me just say this today: Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

An Award for!

news_awardIt makes me happy and proud to announce that has been honored with the EAE Award of August 2006. Thanks a lot to Bernd Schneider, the man behind Ex Astris Scientia! (Please note that the text below was written before the redesign and the transition of this site to english was implemented.) [More…]