tn_latinumLatinum – the ultimate Ferengi currency in the Star Trek universe.

As discovered in the sixth season Episode of DS9 “Who mourns for Morn?“, the truly valuable component of gold pressed Latinum isn’t the outer shell, but the inside which is filled with a silvery liquid – similar to quicksilver in appearance – that is the Latinum itself. The outside is composed of gold, which is considered worthless since it can be easily replicated.

There are several different sizes of gold pressed Latinum: slips, strips, bars and bricks. Here’s how they relate to each other:

100 slips = 1 strip
20 strips = 1 bar
1 bar = 2000 slips
1 brick = ?

However, specifications made in the episodes sometimes contradict each other. Quark for example states in one episode that one bar and 25 strips is less than 2 bars although one bar is supposed to be as valuable as 20 strips.

For more information regarding Latinum and its value visit Memory Alpha.

I have one piece of each size of latinum in my collection except a large brick. I also have a piece that is supposed to be a kind of “in between” size between a strip and a bar which is supposedly called an “ingot”. I don’t know however if this is the correct name from the Star Trek universe.

Here are some pictures:


Left to right: 1 Bar, 1 “Ingot”, 1 Strip and 1 Slip of Latinum.


A lot of money…


For 17 strips of latinum (almost 1 bar), you can buy a suit in Garak’s shop.


Cast from resin and painted with a beautiful golden color.


Every Ferengi’s dream…


Solid on the outside, liquid in the inside.


Those Ferengi letters are supposed to be names of the film crew members.

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