Buildup: Small PADD (VOY)

tn_voy_padd_sHow do you build a PADD? Well, it’s easy, if you have the right kit. In this tutorial I want to show you how to build up one of Matt Munson’s small Voyager PADD kits. Although he claims to build these is under an hour, I would recommend to take a little more time… [More…]

Small PADD (VOY)

tn_voy_padd_sPADDs (Personal Access and Display Device) can be seen everywhere in “Star Trek”. They are used to transfer and read reports, write letters, view pictures from the computers database etc. A real multi usage device!

What you see here is a PADD from “Star Trek: Voyager”. To be precise, it’s the smaller one of the two common types from the show – the one that was carried around in nearly [More…]

Isolinear Optical Chips (TNG)

tn_isochips_tngThe isolinear optical chip was first introduced to the audience in the TNG episode “The Naked Now” from the first season. Since then it is known as the standard storage medium for information on Starfleet ships, stations and starbases.

I have six replicas of this prop and every one of these has another color and features the same isolinear circuit pattern silkscreened onto it. Unfortunately, this pattern [More…]

Gold Pressed Latinum

tn_latinumLatinum – the ultimate Ferengi currency in the Star Trek universe.

As discovered in the sixth season Episode of DS9 “Who mourns for Morn?“, the truly valuable component of gold pressed Latinum isn’t the outer shell, but the inside which is filled with a silvery liquid – similar to quicksilver in appearance – that is the Latinum itself. The outside is composed of gold, which is considered worthless since it can be easily replicated. [More…]