Tutorial: Sonic Driver

tn_sonic_driverIn this tutorial I will describe the process of building one of my resin Sonic Driver prop kits. Though it’s a relatively simple kit that essentially just needs to be painted, the partially complex shape of the prop can make the preparation work quite tricky and requires some expertise. [More…]

Sisko’s Baseball

tn_baseballI admit, Sisko’s Baseball is a rather obscure prop. But since it took on a quite important role in the course of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” – even to an extent of a character of its own – I found it appealing to have it on my desk. [More…]

Sonic Driver

tn_sonic_driverSince I’m a big fan of engineering tools that are used by LaForge, O’Brien or Torres to repair the ship, I’m always looking for adequate reference material to extract some useful information.

Because of this, “Star Trek: Captain’s Chair” is a true treasure chest for me as well as probably for many other prop enthusiasts. This software enables you to not only move freely on the main bridges of the Enterprises 1701, 1701-D, 1701-E, the [More…]

First Contact “Boomerang” Phaser

tn_fc_phaserangAlso known as “Boomerang Phaser” or “Phaserang”.

I got this Typ II Phaser as seen in “Star Trek VIII: First Contact ” from a fellow prop collector. The weapon is painted with the authentic automotive color Plasti-kote 7173 and the grip has been rubberized. Furthermore, there is the correct blue holo-tape attached to the underside of the prefire chamber (see last picture). [More…]

Shinzon’s Dagger

tn_shinzons_daggerThis very nice piece was a real bargain. Before I really got into prop replicas I found this knife on eBay. Someone sold it there as a “Reman Steak knife” because eBay policies forbid to sell weapons. I suspect that it was this puzzling name that prevented people from seeing this as what it really way: Shinzon’s Dagger from “Star Trek – Nemesis“. [More…]

PADD Stylus

tn_padd_stylusThis is one prop I got entirely by accident. While watching “Nemesis” once, I noticed that Picard was using a kind of input device to enter data on a PADD.

A closer look revealed that this prop was nothing more than a pen-shaped butane torch with some golden vinyl tape added to the handle. When I realized that, I remembered that I had something similar in my workshop lying around [More…]