tn_baseballI admit, Sisko’s Baseball is a rather obscure prop. But since it took on a quite important role in the course of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” – even to an extent of a character of its own – I found it appealing to have it on my desk.

To find a “common” baseball in Germany wasn’t as easy as you might think. I had to look in several places until I found a small store in my area which sells foreign sports articles. This was where I got my baseball. Unfortunately, it had several logos printed on its surface. In order to get them off, I had to scrape the surface of the ball using a sharp knife, thus removing the colorful graphics. This damaged the ball slightly, which is however not a big deal, because the original baseball on Sisko’s desk is not exactly clean either.

The desk stand was a gift from my brother which I got for Christmas in 2004. He built it himself and went quite professionally about it too! He became aware of the fact that I wanted to build one like this myself since I got the baseball but never got around to it, so he collected reference pictures (see below), drew up a blueprint, chose the materials and began construction. And all this at the age of 14!

I’m proud to say that I now have a true piece of Star Trek history on my desk, although this is of course not screen-used in any way. However, Sisko would not have been able to free the Prophets from the celestial temple and their fight with the Pah Wraiths…


Reference pictures captured from DVD.


The baseball on his stand.


Baseball and desk stand seperately.

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