tn_raktajino_mug_quarksRaktajino (Klingon coffee) is one of the most popular drinks aboard the space station Deep Space Nine. Much like “normal” coffee, it can be ordered in several variants, such as: Hot, iced, black, double sweet, with milk etc. It however always comes in the same futuristic, very sturdy looking purple colored mug.

These mugs were made by HighWave and were called “HotJo”. The model line was modernized however, so that the older ones are not available anymore. The current HotJo mugs were also used in later seasons of DS9 however.

I recently had the chance to acquire one of the original HotJo mugs on eBay, unfortunately not a purple one however, but a teal colored one. The teal color was also used on mugs in DS9, but not in these cone shaped mugs in Quarks Bar, but only on the more straightlined ones in OPS and the surrounding command level of the station.

Here are some screenshots of the mug in question:





And here’s my teal mug:


HighWave sold these years ago as travel mugs.


This heavy mug is made from stoneware…


…and features a very comfortable handle.


The purple mugs were custom made for the show…


…and are very rare these days.


These were only used in Quarks. In OPS they had a more straightlined type.

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