tn_apc_power_managerIdentifying found items which the prop makers used to build the props for the show is always a challenge. But with the help of some fine folks in the prop community as well as a few very helpful pointers from people in the prop industry, the base item used for the construction of the Desktop Computer on “Star Trek: Voyager” has been identified! The item in question is an old power switcher/-manager/surge protector device made by APC. I don’t think that it’s still being manufactured today, but it’s pretty easy to get nonetheless. One source is of course eBay, which is where I got mine.

For it to be the correct size, a good portion needs to be cut off the back of the unit. The display screen of the Desktop Viewer was scratch built for the show, then the whole thing was (re)painted and decorated with pieces of black acrylic as well as vinyl tape.

I’m currently looking to get the missing pieces (screen, etc.) from fellow prop builders. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll scratch build them myself. Anyhow, this project is on the back burner for now.

Are you going to try to get one of these for yourself? Leave a comment and tell me!





Below are some screenshots. Notice the power plug socket on the side which was concealed on some prop units and visible on others.







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