tn_blogIt’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything on this site. The reason for that is that I’ve obviously not been able to do any actual prop building for quite some time. However, even during this period of inactivity, I didn’t abandon the hobby entirely. I’ve been watching episodes, capturing screenshots, participating in forum discussions, buying stuff and so on. However, there was no update to this place.

Why? Well, it was simply too much of a hassle! You see, the site as it has been in existence until now was completely built by me from scratch. Which means that every time I wanted to publish something, I had to dig really deep into HTML code and build a new page for my content, put a new thumbnail in the showcase, update plenty of links, manually add a paragraph to the homepage, etc. That’s a lot of effort and often times made me shy away from even approaching the task.

That’s why I now moved to WordPress! With this blog publishing system which makes it very easy to crank out a quick posting, I’ll be able to bring new content to you more frequently – even on the go from my iPhone! Also, there are a lot of new features which I simply couldn’t provide before:

  • Easier navigation via categories and tags
    The sidebar on the right hand side provides lots of navigational functions. Click on “Voyager” for example and you will see all posts of this category listed, whether it’s a “showcase” or a “buildup” post. The same goes for tags. You will find them at the bottom of every posting. Click on one to see all of the posts that have the same tag attached to it.
  • Search function with Live Search
    On top of the sidebar there is a search field. It works pretty straight forward: Enter your search term, hit enter or click “Search” and you will see the results. Alternatively, enter what you are looking for and wait a few seconds. A window with your results will appear under the search box where you can click on them directly.
  • Twitter-Integration
    Want to catch my Twitter updates without having to check yet another place on the web? Well, no problem. The five most recent tweets of mine are displayed on the sidebar, including links, hash tags and even my TwitPic pictures! Wanna see more? Just click the “More updates”-button below. Also, on Sundays at 8 pm, there is a weekly Twitter roundup post automatically generated with all tweets from the bygone week.
  • Commenting System
    Each posting allows you to leave a comment. Tell me what you think about the topic or what you would like to see in future posts, ask a question, make a suggestion, or just say hello. I’m looking forward to all of it.
  • RSS-Feeds for Posts and Comments
    The quickest and easiest way not to miss anything I post. Use the two buttons top right above the search bar and subscribe to the feed to have my latest blog updates appear in your RSS reader. Works for comments, too!
  • Social Bookmarking / Sharing
    Are you on Twitter? Facebook? MySpace? FriendFeed? Or any of the other Web 2.0 sites that enable you to connect with other people? On the bottom of each posting’s page you will find several buttons which enable you to share the respective content on any of these social networks.

So, with this infrastructure in place, I look forward to tackle a number of new and exciting prop projects and you’re invited to come along and join the fun!

Meanwhile, look around, maybe leave a comment or two and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.

To be always up to date, subscribe to my RSS-Feed for new blog posts (this feed for new comments) or follow me on Twitter to see all of my prop-related activities in real-time!

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