tn_holo-emitterOne of my favourite characters from “Star Trek: Voyager” is the holographic Doctor. Just as Spock, Data and Odo before him, he as an artificial intelligence represents the outsider among humans, who wishes to be treated with respect and as an equal being. He strives to become more than his original programming and tries to become as human as possible.

In the episode “Future’s End“, the Doc was able to get a piece of 29th century technology – the mobile emitter -, which enabled him to do a big step in his development: He now was able to not only exist in sickbay or the holodeck but any other room without holo projectors and to move freely on the ship, go on away missions, etc. In essence, he gained the same freedom any other (human) crew member took for granted.

Here are some reference pictures from various episodes:




Here are the pictures of my replica:


The exposed circuits can be modified using micro tools, …


… which can have different effects on the Doctor’s projected appearance.


Size comparison with a Standard Starfleet Comm Badge.


I got the circuit board graphic from a fellow prop builder, …


… who printed it on aluminium vinyl and then laminated it. Great work!


The inside of the four slots are hand painted.


The graphics were cut precisely to fit in where they should.

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