tn_tribbleOne of the most popular episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series – “The Trouble with Tribbles” – evolves around small, hairy, pleasant and purry animals called Tribbles which are however also very hungry and very eager to reproduce themselves. After Lt. Uhura buys one of them from the bartender of Station K-7 and brings it to the Enterprise, it creates a chaos by procreating so rapidly that it doesn’t take long for the Enterprise to be filled with small furry creatures. They are even crawling on Captain Kirks chair.

Another encounter with Tribbles occures in DS9s “Trials and Tribble-ations“, where the little buggers in the end even pay a visit to the cardassian space station.

My replica or toy that is to say was sent along one of my orders from the Online-Store as a bonus celebrating Star Trek’s 40th anniversary. It is very nice and soft, but unfortunately the purring sound is missing. However, I’m glad it doesn’t eat.


The motion of the original Tribble props was done using electric motors…


…from toy dogs and balloons.


Tribbles procreate very fast, …


… so that they can even be born pregnant!

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