Tools & Supplies: Disposable Latex Gloves

Work safety is one of the most important issues when handling chemicals. Your skin shouldn’t be exposed to resin for example. That’s why you should always wear gloves to keep your hands clean. They can also help you avoid dirtying your modeling clay or other materials you have to shape with your hands. Latex gloves are suited best because they are skin tight (you can always buy a smaller size to achieve that) and don’t interfere with your workflow. [More…]

Work In Progress: ODN Scanner – Part II (Molding)

tn_wip_odn_scanner_2In this second installment of my ODN Scanner progress report I will describe how the finished master model (see Part I) is used to fabricate a silicone rubber mold which then can be used to cast resin kit parts.

Because the finished prop was supposed to contain an electric circuit with a super bright red LED and five green sequencing lights, the mold had to be done in a way so that the [More…]

Buildup: Small PADD (VOY)

tn_voy_padd_sHow do you build a PADD? Well, it’s easy, if you have the right kit. In this tutorial I want to show you how to build up one of Matt Munson’s small Voyager PADD kits. Although he claims to build these is under an hour, I would recommend to take a little more time… [More…]