Sand paper is a daily companion during any kind of model work. Therefore you should always have several different grit numbers ready. One rule of thumb is: Everything from 100-grit to 1000-grit can be useful. 100 grits are used to remove a lot of material, 1000 grits are good for achieving an ultra-smooth finish. This is actually more like polishing than sanding. You will have to decide for yourself what grit numbers you really need the most.


I can recommend to get “Wet&Dry” sand paper, which you can also use under running water. This has the advantage of seeing more of your work piece because there’s no dust in the way. Also, the finish will get a lot smoother!

You can adjust sandpaper according to your need. You can for example fold it to create edges and you can roll it to avoid them.

Modulor direct link: Waterproof silicon carbide paper, black

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